Cyanide (moongoddesscyn) wrote,

Days of NonAccomplishment

Yeah, so my sister got married June 20th, and what pictures people have posted on facebook of me are pretty bad. Typical.

So I'm playing Final Fantasy IX and it pretty much blows. I have little to no control over my party, you learn abilities through equipment like armor and weapons, which means you have to downgrade equipment fairly often, I have only been able to select my party members ONCE, and indeed two of the supposedly major characters are absent for the majority of an entire disc. You main villain looks like a drag queen, I really know nothing about the main character other than he has a tail for some reason and for why on earth would anyone let a SIX YEAR OLD join their party to fight monsters? The moogles are cute, but when aren't they? The story is pretty dull and while I care about Vivi, I couldn't give a shit less about the others. I admit that some of Quina's cutscenes made me laugh, but s/he is useless in battle. God I hate blue mages. They are far more trouble than they are worth. I have more or less avoided any kind of levelling because it doesn't make much difference, and if I can avoid sidequests, I do so. I'm on disc three and I think I only started playing maybe a week and a half ago? I just want it to be done.

As far as PC games, at least part of the reason I don't play Sims 2 as much anymore is because, thanks to fucking SECUROM I can hardly ever get it to start. It vomits up errors about inserting the original disc instead of a backup. It is the original disc, damnit. There is no fix for it, either, I've looked. Repeatedly. Once in awhile, if I fool around with the D: drive I can get it to read it, but most of the time it's just sheer luck getting that game to start, and if I play for more than, say, an hour, it makes my computer start spitting out errors. If I'm lucky it's just virtual memory related stuff, but occasionally it makes the graphics drive puke and stop working. Bastard.

Beyond that, I'm pretty much stuck with laundry, cleaning, and cooking. Someone has to. I really need to write stuff, but I'm just drawing a blank.

Actually, I'm tempted to ask Leah to look over my second story from Spring semester since she was really really helpful with the first, but I don't want to take up her free time on a crappy story.

I think I need to make some new icons. I don't have as many because I couldn't renew my paid account, but I think I might have room for some others.

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