Cyanide (moongoddesscyn) wrote,

My Mini Vacation

Since I can't afford to go anywhere. I took my vacation this year by transporting myself into a realm of fantasy. In other words, i spent the weekend lounging around in my pajamas watching the Lord of the Rings as back to back as I could stand it.

I seriously can't get through Return of the King with dry eyes. If nothing else, Theoden's death gets my EVERY SINGLE DAMN TIME. It's pathetic. I'd say "I'm such a girl" but, well, I am.

I guess I could watch them AGAIN but with commentary tracks but do I really want to do that to my back, which is already stiff? Well, yes frankly. Just, maybe not today.

In other news I just laid out $250.00 for the fucking privilege of parking at Towson. Now open up the Union garage you fuckers. I also finally applied for graduation, so Spring it is. Realistically I could have crammed in six classes and finished this Fall, but I really want an internship. and that just wouldn't work well with that kind of a course load. Oh well.
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