Cyanide (moongoddesscyn) wrote,


So I bought myself a little Buddai at the Putty Hill flea market last weekend, and I guess he really is lucky because I got an A- in English 300. That paper was absolute crap, so I'm not sure how I passed with that high a grade, but it is awesome. I'm thinking a combination of luck and Phillips being a lazy grader with, like 40+ 10 page papers to read in less than a week. Yeah.

It sucks I missed Balticon, but maybe next year.

Also, I totally found the perfect dress for my cousin. I know she's the flower girl, but she's too big to shop in the kiddie section, so a white dress was pretty much impossible. But I found a dress in Macy's that was a shade or two lighter than the bridesmaid's dresses, and everyone loves it, so go me. It was the first thing i found on the rack, too. So, hey, I may not have thrown my sister a shower or a party, but I did pick out the bridemaid's dresses and the flower girl's dress, so at least I did something. On that topic, I hope my dress alterations are done soon, I'd like to see how it looks with a top that actually fits.

Plus that internet, while still spotty, actually connects, so thanks Verizon for doing whatever.

I'm in a much better mood and my stomach cramps are gone for the moment too. Yay.
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