Cyanide (moongoddesscyn) wrote,

Writing And Whatever And Yeah

Okay, second story for shitty class, done. Paper for Folklore and Literature? Not done, but it's not due until next week so I have time. Poems? Not done, again, have a week although I need to find out how many are actually, you know, due. I'm not writing seven in one week, good grief.

So, my story is about some loser who wakes up and decides that dying seems like a good option. Eventually he meets some woman who works in a coffee shop and shares this interest, and the loser develops some sort of meaning in his life by thinking about death a whole lot. It's terrible because I set out to write a very boring story because people seem to like those and then I made it kind of morbid. Also it's, like, 14 pages so I cut it way way down because we can't go over 20 pages. But hey, between this one and the previous, I think I've met the total page requirement for the semester. I should check. In order to avoid adverbs, I wrote in a very stilted style. I still used adverbs. I cannot escape them. God damn it.

Getting into Final Fantasy X, liking it, have to play blitzball which seems like a pain, but whatever. How the hell do you even pronounce Tidus? Tye-dus or Tee-dus? What a stupid name. Also he has stupid pants. But Final Fantasy XIII will have a guy who keeps a baby chocobo in his afro and that is just all kinds of awesome.
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