Cyanide (moongoddesscyn) wrote,

I Am In A Pissy Mood, Goddamnit

Item 1, re: my pissy mood:

terrible weekend.

Item 2, re: my pissy mood:

my sister has chosen bridesmaids dresses (without anyone's consent) that are a) kind of ugly and b) do not come in my size.

Item 3, re: my pissy mood:

I cannot find anyone to go over my story and give criticism. It needs work, badly, and I just cannot figure out where to start. I do not want to head in to the workshop with only that second draft and watch it get torn to pieces, because it will, because the people in my class are elitist snobs. They work on Grub Street, guys, that means they are right and you are a worthless peon! As a side note, I debate over whether I should ever submit anything to Grub Street. On the one hand, I should try and get my work published wherever I can. On the other, I think they're elitist snobs with the exception of one person, and I hate them and their attitudes.


If you are willing to give solid criticism, and tell me how I can make my sucky story suck less, please comment. I would be grateful.


To Chef finale tonight. I'm sad that Fabio is gone, and Jeff aka Chef Chase because he was decent eye candy. Hope Hosea loses, Hosea sucks.
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